Remember your most

Magikal memories

Memories of overcoming personal challenges or adversity can be incredible because they represent resilience & growth.

Pictures are forever, but so are videos, let's make it Magikal!

No matter what event you're having, you're always going to want to give your guests something fun and exciting to do, we’re the solution!

Magikal Memories

Graduating from school or university is often a momentous occasion that leaves people with incredible memories of achievement and personal growth.

About Us

MagiKal Moments was established by the sole owner Keshia Connor alongside the assistance of the family namely Kyle Romney and Kishaun Connor. Having said this, Kyle’s technical skills partnered with Kishaun’s upbeat energy, added by Keshia’s organization and creative skills, we are the mastermind of MagiKal Moments that will bring about the tangible and intangible service aimed to offer professionalism, and of course excitement to your events. With this, we can ensure you have a MagiKal Moment that can last a lifetime. We look forward to working with you soon and thank you in advance for choosing us!

360-Degree Camera Setup: A camera setup is placed in the center of the booth, capturing images or videos from all angles simultaneously.

User Interaction: Users step into the booth and can strike a pose or perform actions while the camera records.

360-Degree Capture: The camera captures images or videos as the user rotates or stays stationary, creating a 360-degree view of the subject. 

Instant Playback: After the capture, users can often see a preview of their 360-degree photo or video, ensuring they are satisfied with the result.


You have a question? We’re here to help.

You can but we will need at least three weeks in advance to prepare that for you.

Of course, you can! We will need at least three weeks in advance to prepare that for you.

We have a photographer who is a part of the team if you need a photographer.

Videos are a maximum of 30 seconds.  The best time frame for social sharing!

Our Professional attendants will arrive one hour prior to the start time for setup.

Although big, expansive spaces are preferred to best capture content for the video. The optimal space is a 10 ft x 10 ft footprint.

We include two attendants for every 360 event for guest safety and proper functioning.

For the booth to be outdoors, we require the booth to be placed on a flat surface and be within 10 ft of an outlet.